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The project public deliverables are made available from the links provided in the sections below.


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Deliverables presentation and download

The repository of BIM expertise is the result of the Delphi Method Survey (DMS) that involved the experts panel. Based on this method, and a questionnaire deployed in two steps, the repository of BIM expertise has been adjusted and validated.

Four roles have been developed: BIM manager, BIM coordinator, Senior BIM author, and BIM author. For each of these profiles the responsibilities and BIM competences have been developed and validated by the DMS method.

<link file:37>PDF download (3,8 MB)

Firstly, this deliverable presents the study that led to a first version of the BIM actor competence matrix. This one was used in the first round of the Delphi Survey Method (see IO1 deliverable). Then, the deliverable presents the BIM training courses benchmark and finally, the link between the training courses and the BIM competence matrix.

<link file:44>PDF download (2,5 MB)

This deliverable addresses the need for standardized vocational training in BIM and the ability to both quantitatively assess maturity and set objectives for professionals, by delivering a framework and implementation for the assessment of professionals maturity for BIM-based activities and practices. The deliverable presents a framework for maturity assessment that is implemented by the BIM4VET Portal.

<link file:42>PDF download (5,4 MB)

This deliverable describes the recommender system that has been developed for the BIM4VET application. This recommender is able to rank the matching between a user and different training courses (i.e. on one side the user’s BIM competencies and the prerequisites, and on the other side, the outcomes and the user’s goals).

<link file:40>PDF download (1,9 MB)

This deliverable describes the Tulip scenario for tangible tabletop-based interaction developed for the BIM4VET application, and more specifically, for BIM training recommendation in collaborative situation.

<link file:39>PDF download (4,6 MB)

This deliverable presents the protocol and the results of experimentations led by the three projects partners in order to assess the utility and the usability of the BIM4VET application.

<link file:41>PDF download (9,6 MB)

This deliverable presents all the actions led during the project in order to valorize and disseminate the results of the BIM4VET project.

<link file:43>PDF download (13,6 MB)

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