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Participate in the survey on BIM skills

The project team is conducting a survey on BIM capabilities. All experts can participate within an expert panel. Participation would require your thoughts on the profiles, responsibilities and competencies required to deliver all aspects of BIM across the process lifecycle.

This information would be captured via a few short surveys that we will be circulating.

The purpose of these surveys are to reach a consensus on the responsibilities and associated competencies attributed to role profiles of professionals using BIM processes. The survey outcomes will lead to the development of a European BIM skills matrix that classifies, provides standardisation of BIM training programmes and certification schemes. 

>> Please send a mail to info@bim4vet.eu if you wish to be involved or if you would like to request further details.

Join the expert committee

To ensure the recognition and validation of the project results at a European level, all interested parties are invited to become members of the BIM4VET expert committee.

  • These experts will guarantee the quality of the results with their comments on the project's productions and their participation in the skills assessment test.
  • The experts are European actors acting either in their own name, expressing their personal points of view, acting independently, or are representatives of private and public organizations, research organizations, professional associations, etc.

Interested in joining our team? We invite you to:

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